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            Windows 10 update 1809 affecting vSpace Pro Notification

            This article is for customers using Windows 10 Professional and vSpace Pro 11.x having “Insufficient system resource” error message after the Microsoft update (1809 – build version 17763.379 or 17763.437).


            We recently discovered that the latest Windows 10 update (1809 – with OS build version 17763.379 or 17763.437) can cause “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service” error message and the system will become unusable.


            This only affect customers who already have vSpace Pro 11.x previously installed on the system and the system was updated from an earlier version of Windows 10 Professional build to the latest Windows 10 update (1809 – build version 17763.379 or 17763.437).


            The cause was due to Window's 10 update (1809) removed several important registry keys required for vSpace Pro installation.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: 

            We noticed the suggested the 'repair' method covered here does not work for Windows 10 Update that contains the Microsoft KB4493510.  The suggested workaround, in this case, is to manually rollback the update to remove this particular KB4493510 update for vSpace to become operational.

            To resolve this issue, please follow the below procedures to ‘repair’ your vSpace Pro installation on this system:

            1      1)    From the host machine, open ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Programs’-> ‘Programs and Features 

            1      2)    Choose the installed ‘NComputing vSpace Pro’ application and click on ‘Repair’. Please refer to the screenshot below for reference.

            This procedure will restore the missing registry keys required for vSpace Pro. The ‘repair’ process will be completed with an automatic system reboot and vSpace connection should be fine afterwards.


            If none of the solutions here seem to work, as mentioned before, we suggest a temporary rollback of the system using System Restore or a backup snapshot of your system to revert it to a previous state when the updates were not applied yet.

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