Windows 10 update 1809 affecting vSpace Pro Notification

Windows 10 update (1809 or May 2019 Update Release) affecting vSpace Pro Notification

If you have been affected by Microsoft updates released after May 2019 for Windows 10, Build 1809 release, using either vSpace Pro 11 and vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition, please download and install the latest vSpace Pro 11.3.2 LTS or vSpace Pro Enterprise, as these contain proper patches addressing the issue.  

Here is how to download the latest software: 

And the process to install our latest platforms: 

Please be aware of the following matters: 

• Remember that in order to use vSpace Pro Enterprise, you will need an AMP subscription.

• If you have old legacy devices, you will also need an AMP subscription or Aged Device Connection licenses to continue using them. Please review the vSpace Pro Compliance requirements for more details.

• Be aware of the proper use of Windows 10 or any Desktop Type operating system.  If you are doing multiuser sessions Server OS will be suitable for such scenario.  

REV 07/2019