This NComputing device is not authorized to use the version of vSpace Pro to which you are connecting...

This NComputing device is not authorized to use the version of vSpace Pro to which you are connecting...

Message Context

If you see this message when using your NComputing unit, your NComputing device(s) (L250, L300 or M300) was manufactured prior to January 1st, 2015.  You can quickly check the date of manufacturing by looking on the sticker under the chassis of the device. 
Devices dating any earlier than the above mentioned date, are considered legacy or aged devices and these need to be properly licensed to become vSpace Pro compliant .

How to license the device(s)

  1. Option 1: [Best option and the most cost-effective] Purchase AMP for vSpace Pro licensing for all connected L/M/MX and RX300 devices.  AMP is a feature-packed suite of benfits which include the proper licensing for your aged devices.  However, you will have to cover every vSpace connected thin client device registered under your NComputing account regardless of manufacture date.
  2. Option 2: Purchase vSpace Pro Aged Device license (vSpacePro-Old-1A) for all of the devices manufactured before January 1st, 2015. This license only permits the use of the older devices with vSpace Pro Software and does not include the benefits of AMP for vSpace Pro.  
If your devices are currently operating with Legacy vSpace software, like version 6.9, they can continue to be in use without any restriction. However, at any time, you need to perform a new installations or registrations of any old legacy version of vSpace, it will no longer be possible as this platform is EOL. In such case, you will need to consider one of the two options above.  
You do not need both to buy both AMP and Aged Device Licenses. You can choose one of both. See  this article  which outlines further the differences between an Aged Device License and AMP. 
New device families including RX420(RDP), RX-RDP+ and LEAFOS devices  are not subjected to vSpace AMP requirement, as they use a different licensing in order to connect to vSpace.
These devices can connect to vSpace Pro Enterprise without any restrictions if they have valid vSpace connection licenses.  (sold separately)  

Licensing available:
For RX420(RDP) & RX-RDP+
vSpace Pro Client connection license. SKU: vSpacePro-SW-1A,3A,5A
For LeafOS devices
vSpace Pro connection license for  LeafOS : SKU: vSpacePro-LeafOS-1A,3A,5A

What to do if you have purchased AMP and you still see this warning.

1. Perhaps you purchased AMP, but you may have more devices than you have licenses. As we referenced above, AMP requires 100% coverage of every device under your account, regardless of manufacturing date. It is easy to check if you have more devices connected than licenses available. Just  check in the Management Portal if you’re vSpace Pro complaint . If there is any discrepancy, you will be able to easily calculate how many licenses you need in order to be compliant. 
However, If you feel that you have enough licenses and rather you want to remove some devices that you know longer need,  please follow the instruction here
2. Ensure that your vSpace Pro Server software is a supported version. Some older versions of vSpace Pro (version 11.2 and 12.2 and older) are not supported and will not register anymore to the Management Portal. W e always recommend you to be at the latest version.
3. Make sure that your local environment is always able to ping our Management Portal in the cloud. This article will show you how to do proper configurations to your security to allow a clean communication with our licensing services.  

Further reading

  1. Learn more about the vSpace Pro compliant requirements and your options.
  2. Learn more on the difference between “vSpace Pro AMP licensing” and “Aged Device Connection licensing”
Any questions? Fell free to contact our tech support

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