What is the difference between vSpace pro AMP licensing and vSpace Pro Aged Device Connection licensing?

What is the difference between vSpace pro AMP licensing and vSpace Pro Aged Device Connection licensing?

AMP for vSpace Pro license:

Also known as Annual Maintenance Program for vSpace Pro, provides the following benefits:
    1. NComputing Legacy Device Support  

            Older NComputing devices (L250/L300/M300) that were manufactured prior to January 1, 2015 can use vSpace Pro Software (vSpace Pro 10, 11LTS and the Enterprise Edition) without any service interruption.

      Access to vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition  

            Latest Windows OS support including Windows Server 2019

            Scalability for large deployments

            Access to latest features like smart board, multi-touch, enhanced smart card support

            Health Monitoring for your vSpace servers 

      Enhanced Support

            Unlimited support tickets

            Live chat support

            Phone support (available only in the U.S)

      Complementary product licensing

            PMC Device Management software for RX300

            Subscribe to AMP with coverage for 10 or more devices and get 5 complementary vSpace Pro Client software licenses (valued at $250)*


      *Applicable with the purchase AMP license types (NC-AMP-1A, NC-AMP-3A and NC-AMP-5A) with 1-year or longer duration. Must maintain AMP compliance with 10 or more AMP licenses.

To be eligible to receive the benefits described above you must purchase a subscription to AMP for vSpace Pro (Annual Maintenance Program) for ALL NComputing devices used with your vSpace Pro server(s). If your account is compliant with AMP for vSpace Pro, you do NOT need to acquire additional vSpace Pro Aged Device Connection license as part of the AMP benefits.

vSpace Pro Aged Device Connection license:

vSpace Pro Aged Device Connection subscription allows you to continue to use the older devices manufactured before January 1st, 2015 with vSpace Pro 10.x, 11.x and up to vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS. You must purchase a license for each of the older devices that you use with vSpace Pro. This license only permits the use of the older devices with vSpace Pro Software and does not include the benefits of AMP for vSpace Pro as listed above.

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