How do I remove old NComputing devices in the NComputing Management Portal reporting if I no longer use them with my vSpace Pro software?

            If you have NComputing devices which are no longer needed or used for your vSpace Pro deployment and would like to remove them in the reporting of NComputing Management Portal (e.g. decommission your old NComputing devices, or downgrade your vSpace deployment to vSpace 6), you can follow the below steps to remove these devices from the NComputing Management Portal to reflect the updated vSpace Pro compliance reporting:

            1. Unregister vSpace Manager from NComputing Management Portal:
              1. Login to your NComputing Management Portal account.
              2. Navigate to ‘My vSpace installation’ -> ‘My vSpace Managers’. Select the ‘vSpace Manager’  tab which has the NComputing devices connected. Click the ‘Disconnect’ action link to disconnect the selected vSpace Manager from the NComputing Management Portal. By doing so, NComputing will remove any NComputing devices which were/are connected to vSpace Servers(s) via this vSpace manager.
              3. Click on ‘Disconnect’ to confirm.
                Find the vSpace Manager to Disconnect
                Click Disconnect to remove the server from the account

                   2. Un-Register the VSpace Manager in the Host Machine


                                           Un-Register the vSpace Manager from the Host Machine   

                   3. Re-register the vSpace Manager Windows application to the same NComputing Management Portal account: 

                   Re-Register the vSpace Manager

                   4. Use each of the NComputing devices you intend to use with vSpace Pro to connect to a vSpace Server session.
                   5. Wait for 24-48 hours and check the latest vSpace Pro compliance reporting:  Any NComputing devices connects to vSpace Pro software (10, 11.x, 11.3 LTS or Enterprise Edition) will be automatically                          reported to the NComputing Management Portal. Any devices not connected to vSpace Pro software will not be reported to the NComputing Management Portal.

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