benefits of using vSpace Pro 10

What are key benefits of using vSpace Pro 11 LTS

vSpace Pro 11 LTS supports 10 popular Windows™ operating systems, including Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. If you use Windows, you’ll be right at home. Your users will all have the same familiar Windows desktop experience. Access the Windows Store, Windows desktop and applications like Cortana and the Edge Browser.

vSpace Pro 11 LTS delivers the following:


More Windows versions and updates? No problem, we've got it covered, including Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.


NComputing devices can be easily configured and automatically receive updates from deployed vSpace Pro servers. Administrators may define a device template with all settings and configurations, then clone and push it to new devices. All can be centrally managed and provisioned by the IT admin with vSpace Pro, allowing control of hundreds of NComputing devices with just a few clicks. Users are always up-to-date with the latest technology. We also offer PMC, a device management solution tailored to RX-series thin clients, as part of the AMP subscription.


vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition supports L-series, MX-series, and our latest RX300 access device as well as some legacy products. You can even use a Windows computer you already own by installing vSpace Pro Client [Software you can install in Windows] - a solution for repurposing outdated computers that can’t keep up with today's computing requirements.


vCAST Streaming reduces server-side CPU usage when users watch web videos like YouTube, Vimeo, or local media content, and does so without the need for expensive GPUs. This technology results in


Multiview allows you to see thumbnails of all sessions. Broadcasting provides screen sharing functionality, allowing one screen to be broadcast to others. This allows an instructor to broadcast their screen, or a student's screen, to everyone else. Great for presentations, sharing local or web videos, or highlighting other content within a group. Block All active sessions in vSpace provide instructors or team leaders instant control to focus the attention of the audience by blanking all user session screens and blocking all keyboard & mouse interactions. Other user session management controls like remote session view, send a message, stop/disconnect session and session-take-over are all included.

UXP 2.0

If you are using vSpace 8 or 10, migrating to vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition will make a noticeable difference. As an example, the L300 will see up to a 27% reduction in traffic, while RX300 and vSpace Pro Client for Windows will see as much as a 43% traffic reduction.


RX300 is a great device, but sometimes you just want the room to stretch your mind. Add a second display with the SDA (Secondary Display Adapter) and enjoy more desktop.


If your organization requires smart cards for single sign-on, access control or other security-related measures, vSpace Pro version 11 provides enhanced smart card support for RX300 with no limit on the number of smart card readers can be connected per vSpace Server. To learn more click here.

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