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            How to use the “Block All” feature to blank all user sessions in vSpace Pro 11?

            Blocking all active sessions in vSpace provides instructors or team leaders instant control to focus attention of the audience by blanking all user session screens and blocking all keyboard & mouse interactions.  This new feature is available on vSpace Pro 11.2.0 or newer.

            To access this feature in vSpace Pro 11, please refer to the instructions below:

            1.       Launch vSpace Console and select ‘Managed Servers’.

            2.       Select the vSpace server.

            3.       Select the “Sessions” tab on the left panel to access session control.

            4.       Click on “MultiView” icon located on the upper right corner to launch the Multiview Dashboard.

            5.       Click on “Block All” icon to blank all user sessions and disable all keyboard & mouse interactions.

            6.       Click on “Unblock All” to undo the blocking.

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