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            vSpace Pro Broadcasting


            ·  Broadcasting provides screen sharing functionality, allowing one screen to be broadcast to others. This allows an instructor to broadcast their screen, or a students screen, to everyone else. Great for presentations, sharing local or web videos, or highlighting other content within a group.

            ·  Currently broadcasting is supported among the same device types (e.g. A L-series thin client can broadcast to any L-series thin client, M300 can broadcast only to M300 thin clients, MX100 can broadcast only to MX100 thin clients, RX300/vSpace Pro Client for Windows can broadcast to any RX300/vSpace Pro Client for Windows).

            ·  We recommend all access point devices to have the same display resolution if broadcasting is to be used for best compatibility.

            ·  Broadcasting feature can be accessed from vSpace Console. Click on Manage Servers icon  -> select your vSpace Pro 11 server -> click on 'sessions' -> click on 'multiview' at the top menu. Then select the user session you would like to broadcast from (sender), and click on 'broadcast' icon at the top menu to broadcast to the rest of the connected access devices (recipients).

            ·  Broadcasting is standard feature starting in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 and requires no additional license.

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