My vSpace Manager does not reflect the information from the Management Portal.

My vSpace Manager does not reflect the information from the Management Portal.

Sometimes, there may seem to be a delay for updated connection license expiration date to propagate to the local vSpace environment as vSpace Pro automatically obtains updated RX license information from the Management Portal about once per week.

A good example of this is the following:

When upgrading to vSpace Pro Enterprise, if the vSpace Manager delays on receiving updated information / status from the Management Portal, it will not allow more than 5 sessions to log in. (since it remains on trial mode)

As a first precaution, please ensure that ports are open in your network to communicate with our Management Portal.

Then, for troubleshooting, there are a few things you can try:

1. Perform a refresh of data. Invoke the vSpace Manager, manually click on the 'refresh' icon to see if the AMP status changed to compliance.

2. Reboot the server. This is where the vSpace Manager is installed. After reboot, perform step 1 above.

3. Re-register the vSpace Manager. You can do this by following the instructions below:  

Please note: make sure that you know your exact email and password you use in this environment as you will need to use them for this procedure.

a) Disconnect vSpace Server from vSpace Manager. Open the vSpace Console and at the bottom of the window, you will see a line of text that reads: "Connected vSpace Manager [The name of your vSpace Manager]." Click on this name within the white border and click Disconnect.  

b) Unregister from the Management Portal. Open the vSpace Manager and look at the top right. Your account name and email will be shown. Click on the arrow next to these and a drop down menu will expand. Click on Unregister

c) Register again with the Management Portal Open the vSpace Manager and enter the same credentials that were used for the original registration.

d) Re-connect vSpace Server to vSpace Manager.  Open the vSpace Console and click Connect so it will be connected to the vSpace Manager again.  

This should force the immediate update of the connection license expiration dates.

4. Contact Support. If all the above fail and we can provide a particular set for reinstall instructions.

REV 07/2019