Error: "Your software client trial license is limited."

Error: "Your software client trial license is limited."


┬┐Why do I get this error message? 


This message is displayed when the vSpace Pro Enterprise session trial mode has exceeded from a LEAFOSRX-420(RDP)RX-RDP+ or RX-RDP device. 

Unlike RX-300, L-Series, M-Series and MX-Series thin clients, the standard LEAFOS and RX-series thin clients do not come with pre-bundled vSpace Pro connection license. A separate vSpace Pro connection license will be required on LEAFOS and RX-series thin clients to remove the trial mode and connect to vSpace Pro Enterprise without any session restrictions.

vSpace Pro Enterprise is free to download and comes with trial mode where all functionality is available. Please refer to the vSpace Pro Enterprise Trial Mode article for trial mode behaviors and displayed messages when trial mode is exceeded.

To remove the vSpace Pro Enterprise trial mode for LEAF OS and RX-series thin client devices, the following software license would be required:



Required license type to remove vSpace Pro Enterprise trial mode

-        RX420(RDP)

-        RX-RDP+

-        RX-RDP

vSpace Pro Software Connection license* (per concurrent user session)

(SKU: vSpacePro-SW-1A)


-        LEAFOS(x86-64)

-        LEAFOS(PI4)

LEAFOS Software Connection license(per concurrent user session)

(SKU: vSpacePro-LeafOS-1A)



*Note: RX420(RDP) thin client and RX-RPD+ thin clients with bundled vSpace connection licenses (SKU: vSpacePro-RDP-P) or LEAFOS devices with bundled vSpace connection licenses are not subject to trial mode behaviors and will have full access.


REV 08/2021
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