vSpace, First Time Installation Best Practices.

            Here are some tips on installing our vSpace platform for the first time:

            1. Use the appropriate hardware. Our Scaling Guide will help you determine how much resources you need for your NComputing server. 
            2. Use a clean server.  A recently formatted computer with a fresh install of a compatible operating system of choice.  You can check this article for compatibility.  
            3. Make sure to update the native motherboard drivers.  Once the operating system is installed, ensure that all manufacturer's drivers are installed and updated. 
            Be sure to check for the following:
            • BIOS Updates
            • NIC Drivers
            • Motherboard Drivers
            • Audio Drivers
            • PCI Drivers
            • Video Drivers

            4. Update your Operating System.  
            • On windows platforms, make sure that you fully understand the difference between VDI 1:1 and multiuser deployments.  Both will have certain Microsoft Licensing requirements and restrictions.  This articles will bring some light on the subject:
                  • Microsoft Licensing
            • On Linux, ensure that you read the Release Notes of the current version of vSpace you are installing.
            5. Install vSpace.  A helpful guide that covers the entire process is here.  
            • Hold off on the installation of the Antivirus software, until vSpace is currently operating as expected and has been registered.

            If you need further assistance, please contact our tech support.  

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