vSpace Pro Offline Registration: Important limitations to know

vSpace Pro Offline Registration: Important limitations to know

What is the function of the Offline Registration feature?

Some customer sites have highly sensitive requirements that prohibit all Internet connectivity.  vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS includes an option to use an Offline Registration method to register a vSpace Manager.  This allows the vSpace Server to accept session connections in a firewall or isolated setting when no Internet is available at all.

Example Problem Scenario

When the Offline Registration method is not understood, an issue like the following is likely to happen: 
vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS was registered using the Offline Registration method and suddenly the vSpace Pro deployment stops working and the vSpace Manager is no longer registered.

Also, the RX300 terminals may exhibit a warning: "Software License is Insufficient".  

Important limitations

Having the above information in context, when it is chosen to register the vSpace Manager using the Offline Registration method, it is most important to keep in mind of the following restrictions of its usage:
  1. vSpace Pro Enterprise (Version 12.x) does not support offline registration. You can only deploy vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition (12.x) using the online registration method. In this version, the vSpace Manager is designed to periodically verify licensing with the NComputing Management Portal. The system that is hosting the vSpace Manager is required to have continuous Internet connectivity to perform the licensing verification function. Failure to complete the licensing verification will ultimately cause vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition to revert to trial mode thereby allowing a maximum of 5 concurrent sessions.  The only version that offers the Offline Registration method is 11.3 LTS. 
  2. Legacy NComputing thin client devices (manufactured prior to January 1st, 2015) are not supported in vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS if the offline registration method is used. vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS will block all legacy NComputing thin client devices from connecting if the Offline Registration method is used.  Even if AMP licensing or Aged Device Licenses are purchased, Legacy devices will not be accepted in an offline environment.  If you have legacy devices, these must be used in a vSpace Environment that is registered online and has a permanent, constant connection to the internet, along with AMP or Aged Device Licenses.  In such case, the Management Portal's licensing verification logic will assimilate the purchased licenses and allow the thin clients to connect.   
  3. Internet connectivity monitoring is active. The Offline Registration method provided with vSpace Pro 11.3 LTS is only intended to be used for customers that have a true need for deployments isolated from the Internet. Therefore, when this method is used, vSpace will periodically check for Internet connectivity. If Internet connectivity is found, at any time; then, the vSpace Manager will be immediately de-registered, as this would represent a violation of our policy. Any vSpace Server connected to the same vSpace Manager will cease operations as well. In such case, an online registration will need to happen in order to continue using the vSpace deployment.
  4. If Online Registration is used, does vSpace Manager require continuous Internet connectivity?  The answer is no.  If the internet connection is interrupted, there is a grace period of up to 4 days built in to the licensing verification logic to ensure that temporary Internet connection issues do not adversely affect the operations of vSpace. However, the Internet connection should be restored in a timely fashion to avoid problems. If the Internet connection is not restored within the grace period then all paid licensing (e.g., AMP, Aged Device Connection, LEAF OS, Software Client) will be disabled in vSpace Manager. If you rely on AMP, Aged Device Connection, LEAF OS or Software Client licenses in your deployment then certain functionality can be disrupted. This includes the ability to connect legacy NComputing thin client devices and reverting to trial mode if using vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition. Reconnecting the Internet will promptly restore the paid licensing so you can resume normal operation. If all of your devices are current, modern models, (RX300, L300 manufactured after 1/1/2015) then, it will still connect to vSpace Server even if grace period (no internet 4 days) is past and sessions will be continuously provided only for those devices. However, software clients or old legacy device depending on AMP or Aged Device Licenses will not connect as stated above, if internet is not restored after the said grace period.

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