How to: Register vSpace Pro 10 Offline

            This Article is for administrators who are looking to register their vSpace Pro 10 installation.

             Note: vSpace 11 does not have an offline registration option. Please review the below ports      
              • Online registration process is done through the Management Portal: https port 443           IP address
              • vSpace Console to Manger connection (when installed separately): port 8666

            Open vSpace Manager and click Offline Registration

            Generate and download the registration file 

            Log in to our website and click on Management Portal (create a new customer account if needed), then use the Offline Licensing feature in the Management Portal

            -This Offline Licensing Management Portal page provides two functions:

            1) Upload vSpace Manager registration file to "register" the offline vSpace Manager with the Management Portal - this makes the Management Portal aware of that offline vSpace Manager
            2) Download a license file containing confirmed registration information and also license allocation (if any) 
            -After uploading the vSpace Manager registration file and, optionally allocating any licenses to the offline vSpace Manager, you may download a license file from the Offline Licensing Management Portal page
            -The license file is then uploaded into vSpace Manager - this completes the registration process. Also, if licenses (e.g., vCAST) have been allocated then those features should now be available in vSpace Manager
            You may also return licenses that have been allocated to an offline vSpace Manager. For example, you may want to allocate those licenses to a different vSpace Manager. To return licenses you must:
            Using vSpace Manager - in the Client Licenses or Premium Features tabs - click the "Return" button for any license they want to return
            This triggers another download file from vSpace Manager
            This download file is then uploaded to the Management Portal Offline Licensing page - it's the exact same process as the initial registration. However, this time the download file contains details of the licenses being returned. 
            After uploading the file to the Management Portal, those returned licenses should be available in the My Licenses section and can be allocated to a different vSpace Manager
            Furthermore, if you wish to allocate additional licenses to an already registered offline vSpace Manager:
            Use Management Portal to add the licenses to the offline vSpace Manager
            Use the Management Portal Offline Licensing page to download the license file for the offline vSpace Manager
            Then upload that license file to the vSpace Manager - now, the vSpace Manager should have the additional licenses

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