How do I remove old NComputing devices in the NComputing Management Portal reporting if I no longer use them with my vSpace Pro software?

How do I remove old NComputing devices in the NComputing Management Portal reporting if I no longer use them with my vSpace Pro software?

How is removing devices from the Management Portal useful?

If you are enrolled or you are planning to be part of our subscription-based Annual Maintenance Program or AMP, your total device count is most important. AMP enrollment requires 100% coverage of every device detected as active in your Management Portal account. Having an accurate count of your currently-in-use devices, determines how many licenses you need to purchase in order to be fully covered, and therefore, having your account AMP Compliant.

Removing devices, could be useful in order to:
  1. Decrease serial number count towards AMP enrollment. 
  2. Apply AMP licensing to newer devices replacing older ones. For example, you may have older L300 devices to be replaced with brand new RX-300 devices and you want your current AMP licensing to let go of the L Series aged devices and, rather, be applied to your new RX-300 devices.
  3. Reflect changes in device count as devices were decommissioned in your local deployment through time.
Whichever the case, performing the steps below,  you will be able to remove device serial numbers from showing in the NComputing Management Portal and, consequently,  have an  accurate  count reflecting  in the  vSpace Pro Compliance reporting:  
It's important to note that when you are monitoring that mentioned number stats of your devices, the serial number count you want to look at is at the default vSpace Pro Compliance page in the Management Portal. Management Portal tab > My vSpace Installations > vSpace Pro Compliance default tab.  
The numbers and detail mentioned in this page show the true count of active devices against your available licenses in the Management Portal. 

This is not to be confused with another section in the Management Portal where serial numbers are logged for reference, which is  Management Portal  tab  My Registered Devices. The list of devices shown in that section, makes reference of serial numbers  associated to your account through time, for reference, and is not the right place to see the devices that are currently in use, active, or counted against your AMP licenses. 

Device Serial Number Clearing Process 

The following process involves a re-registration of local vSpace Manager. Keep your account username and password handy as you are going to need them to perform a new registration. 
  1. Make sure that the devices have been truly disconnected. Every device that you do not want to be reported to the Management Portal, needs to be removed from your network and be put away. This will prevent the unit from broadcasting its serial number and, in turn, be reported again to the Management Portal as active.   
  2. Unregister your vSpace Manager  in the Host Machine. You will be asked to confirm. Once you proceed, the application will close. 



  3. Ensure that your vSpace Manager has indeed been removed from the Management Portal.
    1. Login to your NComputing Management Portal in the website with your account credentials. 
    2. Navigate to My vSpace Installations > My vSpace Managers and make sure that the vSpace Manager you just disconnected is not showing here. However, in the event that you still see the unregistered vSpace Manager, at the very right of the row, you will see a ‘Disconnect’ label. Click on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    3. Confirm the 'Disconnect' action. Once your server is fully disconnected, any NComputing devices associated to this vSpace Manager will be removed from the Management Portal reporting.                                                                                                                                               
  4. Register again your vSpace Manager with your same account credentials as before.                                                                                                                       
Once the new registration of your vSpace Manager is completed, a new count of only the serial numbers that are currently connected and active in your network will be reported to the Management Portal and checked against your AMP licensing. This change should be immediate and the management portal should reflect accurate numbers from your local environment.

KB# 657
REV 10/2021