NComputing AMP Licensing Policy

NComputing AMP Licensing Policy


This article will help you understand the proper licensing policy for our AMP product services. 

AMP Services and Policies

First, for context, is necessary to understand that there are two types of AMP licensing, very distinct from each other and render service coverage congruent with the devices they cater to: 
vSpace Pro AMP (applies to L-series, M/MX-series, RX300/RX300+)
Among many benefits, you have access to: Enhanced support benefits, vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition software and allows to use legacy thin client devices (i.e., devices manufactured prior to January 1, 2015). There is a requirement to cover 100% of your deployment with licenses in order to keep your account AMP compliant. 
An active vSpace Pro AMP license(s) must be maintained to receive the described benefits.
Typical license SKU and product name: NC-AMP-1A - Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) Subscription 1-yr

Device AMP (RX-RDP/RDP+/420(RDP)/440(RDP), LeafOS or LeafOS pre-activated device (e.g., EX500)
Among many benefits, it provides, support benefits and access to NComputing's PMC Console and firmware latest updated release. Licensing needs to be allocated to a particular device(s) and there's no requirement to cover 100% of the deployment. 
An active Device AMP license(s) must be maintained to receive the described benefits.
Note: Applicable NComputing thin client devices come with a complementary 1-year AMP license provided upon registration with the NComputing Management Portal.
Typical license SKU and product name: NC-AMP-RXRDP-1A - Device AMP for firmware update & PMC - 1 Year

AMP for Device distinct policy

The licensing policy described below applies to Device AMP licenses:
As mentioned above, aplicable NComputing devices, like the RX-RDP+ and RX-420(RDP) come with, a complementary, one year Device AMP license. However, in order to continue with the AMP product service, a Device AMP license must be acquired and allocated to the device before the complimentary expiration period. If omitted, renewing an expired AMP license will be applied and cover any default, retroactively, to the actual date that the previous license expired. 

Here is an example:
If the complimentary, or a previously applied Device AMP license expires on June 1st, 2022, then, when a new 1 year, Device AMP license is purchased and allocated to the device in question, it will start on the actual expiry date: June 1st, 2022 and will cover the unit until June 1st, 2023.
However, if on the same device, an AMP license is not purchased until a year after the expiry date on June 1st, 2022, in order to extend coverage to 2024, You may need to buy and apply two, 1 year Device AMP licenses to the device in question. One license, in order to cover the year missed, down to the original expiry date, and another one to keep the subscription current though 2024.  

In view of the above, keep in mind the possibility that when applying a newly purchased Device AMP license to a qualifying device that has been expired for sometime, when you check the status of your subscription in the Management Portal, your device may still show as 'expired' if enough time has passed since the expiration date.  In such case, more licenses are needed until the default is covered. 

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to always keep your Device AMP licensing current.

REV 07.22

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