Migrating to vSpace Pro 11 from previous versions

Migrating to vSpace Pro 11 from previous versions

Our current platform is vSpace Pro 11.  If you are migrating from previous platforms like vSpace 6, 7 or vSpace 8 we recommend the following: 

1. It is always better to start fresh. vSpace is a platform and will work best in a clean server.  This article will help you do the installation. 
2. If you have to reuse the server on its current condition, then the following steps will apply: 
We suggest to remove or at least turn off your Antivirus Software during this operation.  Considering that you are removing an old version of a platform and  
      a) Remove the NComputing Software. (There are no licenses, registrations or configurations to be preserved)
      b) Reboot your server.
      c) Install vSpace Pro 11 or 12 and register it using this article as a guide. 
      d) Ensure that the firmware of your devices are fully updated to match the current vSpace version. This is explained in the first article referenced above.

Unlike NCconsole app from old vSpace Server version 4,6,7 and 8, the new vSpace Pro Server comes with vSpace Manager (License managing server) and vSpace Server Console (vSpace Server) apps after completing the installation. If you are planning many vSpace Pro servers to host many sessions at the same location or organization, we strongly recommend to have 1 vSpace Manager and many vSpace Servers architecture rather than multiple vSpace Manager with many vSpace Servers. You only need few necessary vSpace Managers in your organization so to manage multiple vSpace Servers monitoring easier and better. vSpace Manager installed VM or physical server needs to be internet connected all times to keep up the authentication from NComputing management portal cloud. vSpace Server where hosts session for the device may install either to physical host computer or VM (Virtual Machine) and can be turned off without restriction.

If at some point you run into a problem or need further advice, please contact our tech support.

REV 09/19 
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