Register RX-HDX devices

            There are several benefits to registering your RX-HDX devices with the NComputing Management Portal:
            • It activates the 1-year bundled software maintenance subscription to enable access to RX-HDX firmware and NoTouch Center software updates
            • It extends the default RX-HDX hardware warranty from 1-year from date of manufacture to 1-year from the date of first use.
            The following steps will guide you through the process to collect the Client List of RX-HDX devices from the No Touch Management center in order to properly register those devices via the NComputing Management Portal

            Connect to and login to your NoTouch Management Center
            Select Resources (earlier versions of NTC may say Service Center)

            Select Support

            Select Client List 

            This will create and download a "" file. Likely to you local machine Downloads folder

            You will then need to unzip the local file

            After you have unzipped the file, Open a browser and connect to
            Create your account if this is your first use, or login with your existing credentials.
            Select "My RX-HDX Deployment"

            Select +UPLOAD RX-HDX

            Navigate to your extracted ClientListxxx.xml file, select and upload the file to the management portal.

            With success you should receive confirmation via a screen similar to the below

            Select close

            Congratulations! You have successfully registered your new NComputing RX-HDX devices.

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