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            Offline Registration Process for Legacy vSpace Software Versions

            This FAQ article is for customers who are trying to register their discontinued vSpace Server software offline and need assistance from NComputing for processing.

            With the end of life of several of our vSpace server editions we have unfortunately had to decommission our online registration tool as well.

            As a reminder, the decommission dates for vSpace online registration servers are as follows:

            Apr 30, 2018 --vSpace 4.x, 7.x and 8.x
            Apr 30, 2018 --vSpace 6.x for L-series thin clients

            These dates, as well as information on all our products, can be found on the product lifecycle page.

            Because we are no longer able to provide support for these versions after these dates we recommend all customer who can upgrade to vSpace Pro 11 should do so as soon as possible. vSpace Pro 11 is a free download and support is available both as standard self-help and web ticket submission. Premium support is available to anyone who purchase the requisite number of vSpace Pro AMP subscriptions. You can find out more about vSpace Pro 11 here:

            Our best recommendation for customers, if possible, is to work with our support team and migrate to vSpace Pro 11 to be current and take advantage of all the great features and benefits of this current products and code.

            For customers who need to temporarily rely on our older vSpace versions we are offering a legacy vSpace offline registration service. This service comes with a per registration service fee which can be purchased from our NComputing website management portal.

            To request help for registering your legacyvSpace Server software, please go to the following web link.

            For each registration,please follow the instructions and fill out all appropriate requested fields sowe are able to process your offline registration request promptly and efficiently. Once we have received the request, one of our support agents will guide you through how to complete the transaction for getting your vSpace Server environment out of trial mode.

            In order to save time, we recommend that you first login to our management portal and purchase a legacy offline registration ticket for each server you wish to register. This way, we can complete the registration process for you without needed to ask you for your payment.

            Please note: as these vSpace editions are out of our support window we can help with registration, but additional support or troubleshooting is not available for this software.

            If you have anyquestions regarding this or any other NComputing products or services, please let us know.

            Thank you for your continued loyalty as an NComputing customer.

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