I have an L130, L230, X350, or X550 thin client - can I still use it?

            While these devices are no longer available for purchase and support for them has ended, we are providing a legacy registration service for those still wishing to use them while they transition to current technology. If you already have them up and running on a registered vSpace 6 or vSpace 8 server, these will continue to work. However, if your deployment changes in any way that requires a reinstallation of these legacy vSpace versions, you will need to follow the Legacy vSpace Registration Guidelines and pay the $49 registration fee (per server) per incident. X550 devices that have exceeded their reinstallation limit of 5 times will also require a pay-per-incident service fee of $49. Please be aware that this service will not be provided indefinitely. We encourage those customers still using legacy devices to plan on upgrading their deployments to current technology before January 1, 2020.

            Updated: 04 Oct 2018 12:58 PM
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