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            the Stratodesk Virtual Appliance not only contains the NoTouch Center, but also hosts several other services, like a web server, Samba server (Windows file shares), PXE server, etc. The web server can be used for delivering the CA certificates or wallpaper images, for example.
            My Virtual Appliance has the IP, so I will use it in the examples below. When trying the same with your appliance please replace the with your appliance’s IP.
            Open the main page by visiting and logon as the ‘admin’ user with the password you set during appliance installation.
            Go to Management > File Store. You will see, that the certificates can be accessed via following URL: http://admin@ In reality this page does not require authentication, so you can just go to: What you will see is the short message saying “Nothing here.” Well… Is really nothing there? There actually is one file, the ‘index.html’ containing the “Nothing here.” message.  To put more useful stuff there (the certificate files) you can use the Samba server, which allows access to the ‘cert’ folder too! Simply go to the \\  server in Windows Explorer and open the ‘cert’ share:

            You will see the ‘index.html’ file then and you can just drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, etc. the necessary certificate files to this shared folder.

            The files will immediately become accessible from the web server, through URLs like: You need to compose the URLs by yourself by appending the certificate file name to directory URL. If your file names contain whitespaces then the spaces must be translated to ‘+’ (this is HTTP requirement).

            The certificate URL can be then used to deliver the certificate file via NoTouch Center:

            You can also upload the certificate directly to the device, without using NoTouch Center. To do that go to device’s web interface (open the device’s IP in web browser on your PC) and select the ‘Certificates’ option from the main menu: 

            To configure a connection to your servers: first add a connection, then edit it and select the ‘Citrix/Program Neighborhood’ as Connection Mode and put the following URL as Connection Target: This can be done via NoTouch Center:
            …or on the device directly:

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