Upload Certificate directly to RX-HDX device using Web GUI

            Upload Certificate directly to RX-HDX device using Web GUI:
            Certificates can be directly uploaded to the device, without using NoTouch Center. To do that follow the below mentioned steps:

            Go to device’s web interface i.e. Access device’s IP address in web browser on your PC).
            Select the ‘Certificates’ option from the main menu: 

            Select certificate of the Root CA that was used to issue certificate to Storefront Server. Certificate would have details similar to the below certificate:

            To configure a connection to your servers: first add a connection, then edit it and select the Connection Mode and specify URL in the mentioned format based on your setup"

            Connection Mode Type

            URL example

            Citrix/Workspace App OR

            Citrix/Workspace Hub





            Managing Global & Intermediate Certificates directly from Device WebGUI:

            Upload Root Certificate Authority Server's Certificate:

            and Upload Intermediate Certificate:

            Updated: 02 May 2019 08:17 PM
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