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            Enabling Dual Monitor Display on RX300 (VGA and DVI versions)

            How to enable the Dual Display on the RX300 PDF available here as well


            1. You will need an NComputing Secondary Display Adapter Kit (SDA)

            There are different versions of these adapters and you will need to ensure that you have the right one to fit your needs. This article covers the VGA and DVI Versions only.  
            If you are using an Secondary Display Adapter for HDMI, please use this article.

            The parts will include one (1) cable and one (1) Secondary Display Adaptor.

            Adapter Type

            Manufacture ID








            2. You also need a Dual Monitor Support License (Offered only on vSpace Pro versions)
             Update: Dual Monitor Display is now included in vSpace Pro for free as of version 11.2. Earlier versions still require the annual license.
            If you have vSpace 11.2, you can scroll down to the SETUP section.  If you have earlier versions that require the license or vSpace Pro 10, please read on.

            User is given a complementary 6-month license to Dual Monitor Display upon registration via vSpace Manager. Afterwards, the license shifts to an annual subscription. --

            Annual License Price




            Once you purchase your license for vSpace Pro version 10.3.5 or higher, you will need to allocate it

            From the host machine

            1. Open vSpace Manager > vSpace Servers to check the Dual Monitor Display license is active.

            2. Go to Premium Features and click ‘Allocate’ to allocate to a specific vSpace Pro Server. If needed, purchase additional Dual Monitor Display license(s) for other vSpace Pro Server(s), redeem from vSpace Manager, and subsequently allocate to vSpace Pro Server(s).


            1. Ensure that you have the appropriate firmware. 
            You will need RX300 firmware version 2.0.9 or higher. (Latest firmware its always recommended)

            2. Using the second monitor, connect the VGA/DVI end to the NComputing adapter.
            Note ** Maximum display resolution for secondary adapter is 1920x1080

            3. Take the XD end of the cable and connect to the VGA/DVI adapter.

            4. Connect the USB end of the cable to the back of the RX300 device. (Now there should be only one open port remaining on the RX300 as three are being used for the keyboard, mouse, and Dual Monitor Display).


            From the RX300

            1. Power on the RX300. Make sure you have a valid Dual Monitor Display license. Go to Settings à Display. You can change the settings to your preference. For optimal setup, your primary monitor should be HDMI and the secondary monitor should be VGA/DVI. The following message will appear at the top confirming you a valid license:

            Note These settings will only work if you have purchased the necessary Dual Display license.

            2. Click ‘APPLY’ and login to your vSpace Server to begin your desktop session. You can drag applications between to the two screens. Note vCAST Web and Media Streaming will only appear on the HDMI monitor.

            Hint: if after completing the above steps and you receive a "black" screen on the secondary monitor. You may have to manually select the "Native default" resolution that the monitor supports in step 6 above.

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