What should I do if I have an End-of-Life product?

What should I do if I have an End-of-Life product?

About this article. 

This article will cover several hardware and software products that we often receive questions on.

All of our products that have reached an End-of-Life (EOL) status are clearly disclosed on this official webpage: 

As stated in our website, "End-of-Life" or "EOL"  is the date when NComputing stops developing, repairing, maintaining, testing, supporting or accepting RMA requests for the affected product. For any unaddressed issue, an upgrade path or migration to the latest version or product replacement is recommended.

There is no support for an EOL product. 
Here is the upgrade path for some of the most popular products: 

X Series. (X350, X550) and M300 Series. You can explore our multi-user  MX Series thin client kit.

Legacy L-Series (L100, L110, L120, L130, L230) and U-170 Series. We recommend the new vSpace thin client  RX-300 series thin client which is designed & optimized for vSpace Pro desktop virtulaizaiton. . 

N Series for Citrix. Our Citrix thin client products include  RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX-420(HDX) and  RX-420(iGEL)
Additional information related to N-series support can be found in  this article

vSpace Server Software. 
Effective July 1st, 2020: Registration is no longer be available for the following legacy systems.
vSpace Server 4.x*
vSpace Server 6.x*
vSpace Server 7.x
vSpace Server 8.x
vSpace Pro 10.x
vSpace Pro 11.2-12.2 and earlier.
Users of these systems will need to upgrade to the latest version of vSpace Pro 11 LTS or vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition.

Do you need help upgrading? Contact our tech-support, or chat with us in our ncomputing.com website. Look for the "Chat With Sales" widget at the bottom right of the page. 
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