RX-HDX Firmware updates

Where do I get software updates for RX-HDX, RX420(HDX), EX400 and NoTouch Center Device Management?

As of July 1, 2020, NComputing has formed a new partnership with Stratodesk, making the official Stratodesk branded OS and management center available on NComputing devices.

Enterprises and organizations using NComputing thin client products based on NoTouch OS, including RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX420(HDX), RX420(STDK) and EX400, can now easily migrate over to the official Stratodesk image.

Please refer to the following helper guide on how to access the latest NoTouch software (NoTouch OS firmware and NoTouch Center) from Stratodesk:

NComputing still maintains its previous NComputing branded OS and management center images for existing customers who need to have access to these images:

To access the previous NComputing branded firmware updates or NoTouch Center software for the NComputing RX-HDX, RX420(HDX) and EX400 devices, you will first need to register your RX-HDX, RX420(HDX) and EX400 devices with NComputing Management Portal. 

Once your RX-HDX, RX420(HDX) and EX400 devices have been registered, login to NComputing Management Portal by going to www.ncomputing.com:

From the NComputing Management Portal, click on “My RX-HDX, RX420(RDP) and EX400 deployments", then download the archived software releases.