Restarting Tomcat Services

Restarting Tomcat Services

Product Line:  VERDE


ISSUE:  VERDE uses a web application server (Tomcat) to manage its web services and VERDE Management Console. The service is automatically started when VERDE starts or restarts, but there may be situations when the service needs to be restarted manually:

(***NOTE*** In VERDE 8.2 Tomcat services are monitored and restarted automatically)
  • Administrators cannot access the VERDE Management Console.
  • After changing JVM values.
  • Java errors on the VERDE Server and log files.



To restart the Tomcat service, perform the following:

Start a Linux terminal session on the VERDE server and login as vb-verde or root and run:

/usr/lib/verde/bin/ restart                other options: stop  start  and  status



  • Restarting Tomcat does not affect the virtual desktops that are currently running. It will only prevent new users from logging in for the duration of the restart process (typically several seconds).
  • If this is a new installation and you encounter an error when Tomcat is restarting, please review this article:  Tomcat-Startup-Failure