Tips on preserving the life of your RX and EX Series device / How to avoid corruption to the factory image.

Tips on preserving the life of your RX and EX Series device / How to avoid corruption to the factory image.

The following tips will help to preserve your device from potential corruption or malfunction. 

1. Be sure not to unplug the power cord from the device. A proper device shutdown is required either through the RX thin client power button or via the software shutdown icon: here is more clearly described in this article:  

2. For RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX420(HDX), RX420(STDK) and EX400 devices, Stratodesk NoTouch Center device management solution can be used to remotely push configuration setting changes and firmware updates. Before applying updates to all devices, we highly recommend the customer to use NoTouch Center to apply the changes to an individual device and verify it works properly on the device before applying these changes to all other NComputing thin clients. This extra step would prevent misconfigurations and/or wrong images from incorrectly applying to NComputing devices and resulted in unwanted firmware corruptions. 

3. While performing a firmware upgrade, please do not shutdown/reboot the device while it is in progress, as this may render the device in a firmware corrupted state.

4. Never push any image that is not intended for your device. Only use the official images intended for it. 

5. Never open the device, this will automatically void your warranty.   

If you have further questions you can contact technical support

REV 11/2020
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