Installing vSpace from the Windows Command Line

Installing vSpace from the Windows Command Line

These older versions of vSpace are no longer available, nor supported. However, if you are trying to do this process with modern versions of vSpace Pro, please use this article instead: 

You can use  vSpace 6   / 8 MSI install files from the Windows command line to silently install vSpace without user interaction.

Note: depending on version of installer, you may need to use the NComputing Cert or the ZeroDesktop Cert.

Below is an example of the command line install:

msiexec /qn /norestart /i "NComputing vSpace_L-" AGREETOLICENSE=yes ADDUSERS=0 DELETELICENSE=0

NComputing MSI Installer and Uninstaller Options:

  • You must include the "AGREETOLICENSE=yes" during a silent install to signify that you agree to the NComputing End User License Agreement
  • The "ADDUSERS=0" command line option is necessary for silent installs and suppresses the popup window asking if you want to add new users.
  • The uninstaller now contains a Message Box to provide options for handling an existing vSpace host license during an uninstall. The available license options for use in a silent uninstall/install are:

“DELETELICENSE=0” – do NOT remove vSpace license
“DELETELICENSE=1” – popup box will appear
“DELETELICENSE=2” – remove vSpace license without popup

If you encounter the signed driver message popup (shown below), it’s because  NComputing’s (ZeroDesktop) code signing certificate hasn’t been stored into the host system’s certificate repository.

If you have ever clicked on the “Always trust software from NComputing  or “ZeroDesktop.” checkbox (pointed to by green arrow in above image) during an install, then the message will never pop up again on that particular system. However, clicking that checkbox isn’t a particularly good option for customers desiring to deploy NComputing vSpace on a system for the first time.

You can use the following Microsoft command inside your silent install script to import the certificate prior to running the msiexec command:

certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" ZeroDesktop.cer

Adding the import command similar to shown in screen shot below to your install script will make the install truly silent.

(The below image is a representation, and you may be using the ZeroDesktop cert)

The Microsoft “certutil” command line tool is included in Windows 7*, and in Windows Server 2008 R2.

For vSpace and above, use the file labeled "NC-code-signing-vSpace" for vSpace 8.4 and above use from the file NC-code-signing-vSpace_certs attachment

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