How to install vSpace via Command Line with Elevated Privileges

How to install vSpace via Command Line with Elevated Privileges

Installing vSpace via command line it's a more direct alternative that could be used to help issues like when a conventional install fails or if you have experiencing problems after installation.  

Here is an easy way to do it:

Remember that in order to use vSpace Pro Enterprise, you will need to be subscribed to AMP, otherwise, you can use vSpace Pro 11, LTS.
Also, if you have aged L300 or M series units, (manufactured prior to 2015) you will also need to be enrolled to AMP, to connect to vSpace Pro products 

2. When the compressed file downloads, extract the contents of .zip folder. 

3. Drag the installer to the Desktop

4. Go to the search area in your Start Menu and type CMD to find the Command Prompt. When it appears, right click it and select Run as administrator.

5. The Command Prompt is now able to operate with Admin Privileges. Now enter the following command: 
      msiexec /I "C:\Users\[The name of your computer]\Desktop\[target file name]

In order to always get the correct target file name, you can right click the installer file in your desktop, select Properties, click on the Details tab and see the exact name of the file.

Once you have the command typewritten, hit the Enter key to execute the command.

You should see now the Wizard initiate the installation and you can follow the prompts to the end as usual. 

For further information on the process of install, see this article

If you need support you can enter a web ticket here