Install vSpace Pro 10 Via Elevated Command Prompt

Install vSpace Pro 10 Via Elevated Command Prompt

vSpace 10 is no longer available, nor supported. However, for a best article on how to do this procedure on current versions of vSpace Pro, please visit this article: 

Install vSpace Pro 10 Via Elevated Command Prompt

This article may help if your L300 or other vSpace Pro 10 compatible device cannot connect. Often you can ping the server successfully from the device. The devices probably show up in the vSpace Console under Devices. Everything appears to be done correctly, but devices are unable to connect (see example picture).

L300 error message

This can be due to drivers not installing correctly because of permissions issues. Often the issue is on a Client type OS like Windows 7, 8 or 10.

To remedy, uninstall vSpace using Add/Remove programs and reboot the server. 

Download the latest vSpace to your downloads folder.

Extract the contents of the zip file and open folders until you see the vSpacePro10.msi.  Move the vSpacePro10.msi out to the downloads folder. 

Now the msi file should have an address like this:


Open the Start menu and type cmd. Right click cmd.exe and select 'run as administrator'. See pictures

Your prompt should say c:\Windows\System32>

Type: cd\ and press enter

Now navigate to the downloads folder like this:

cd Users  (press enter)
cd Administrator  (press enter)
cd Downloads  (press enter)

Now type the filename and press enter to install:


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