offline registration

How to: Register vSpace Pro LTS Offline

This Article is for administrators who are looking to register their vSpace Pro LTS (version 11.3.10) installation.

ATTENTION: Do not perform Offline Registration if you have Aged Devices (Manufactured Prior to January 1, 2015) as these devices are subject to our compliance policy and are not allowed to be included in this process.


Open vSpace Manager and click Offline Registration. Review and accept the vSpace Pro Software offline registration policy before you proceed.  

Important note: 

vSpace Pro offline registration is intended for customers who wish to deploy vSpace Pro Software but do not have Internet access. 

Once the vSpace Pro Software offline registration is completed, the vSpace Pro server(s) much remain offline without Internet access.

If Internet connection is detected by vSpace Pro Software, the vSpace Manager will automatically be disconnected and all vSpace Pro Software operation will cease.

You would need to perform the offline registration process again and ensure that all Internet is disabled before you can use vSpace Pro Software.

Please be noted offline registered vSpace Pro server only works with non-aged device models. If your device is L300 that was manufactured prior to 1/1/2015, this device will not be connected regardless of your AMP status or Aged Device licensed status. These revival of old devices to work with latest vSpace Pro server were intended for normal internet connected vSpace Pro server not offline mode.

Step 1: Generate and download the registration file (vSpaceRegistration.oof) 

Step 2: Upload to NComputing Management Portal

  1. Using a computer connected to the Internet go to and login to your NComputing account (create a new account if necessary). 
  2. After you have logged in, then click the Management Portal icon on the home page – this will open the NComputing Management Portal screen.
  3. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Management Portal home screen, then click ‘Offline Licensing’ and follow the instructions.

This Offline Licensing Management Portal page provides three functions:

  1. Upload vSpace Manager registration file (vSpaceRegistration.oof) to "register" the offline vSpace Manager with the Management Portal - this makes the Management Portal aware of that offline vSpace Manager
  2. Download a license file (licenseServerData.lic) containing confirmed registration information and also license allocation (if any) 
  3. Upload vSpace Manager “unregistration” file (UnregistervSpaceManager.oof) to “unregister”an existing offline vSpace Manager
In this case you want to upload the vSpace Manager registration file (vSpaceRegistration.oof) to “register” the offline vSpace Manager with the Management Portal.  Once this is done, click on “Download licensing data” (see below screenshot) from the Offline Licensing Management Portal page before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3: Enter license file to your offline vSpace Manager

Return back to your offline vSpace Manager. Upload the license file (licenseServerData.lic) into vSpace Manager (see below screenshot). This completes the registration process.

Additional note on updating licenses (e.g. premium features) in offline mode:

You may also return licenses (e.g. vSpace Pro software client connection license) that have been allocated to an offline vSpace Manager. For example, you may want to allocate those licenses to a different vSpace Manager. To return licenses you must:

Using vSpace Manager - in the Client Licenses or Premium Features tabs - click the "Return" button for any license they want to return

This triggers another download file from vSpace Manager

This download file is then uploaded to the Management Portal Offline Licensing page - it's the exact same process as the initial registration. However, this time the download file contains details of the licenses being returned. 

After uploading the file to the Management Portal, those returned licenses should be available in the My Licenses section and can be allocated to a different vSpace Manager.

To allocate the updated license file to the offline vSpace Manager, simply click ‘Offline Licensing’ to upload the updated license file to vSpace Manager.

Furthermore, if you wish to allocate additional licenses to an already registered offline vSpace Manager:

Use Management Portal to add the licenses to the offline vSpace Manager

Use the Management Portal Offline Licensing page to download the license file for the offline vSpace Manager

Then upload that license file to the vSpace Manager - now, the vSpace Manager should have the additional licenses

To unregister your existing offline ‘vSpace Manager’ (e.g. no longer needs this vSpace deployment), follow the instructions below to complete the process:

  1. Insert a USB memory stick to the host machine and click on ‘Unregister’. vSpace Manager will save the unregister file (UnregistervSpaceManager.oof) to your USB memory stick location: 
  2. Upload this file (UnregistervSpaceManager.oof) to your NComputing Management Portal page (Offline Management page) to ‘unregister’ your existing offline vSpace Manager.