How do I register my RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) devices?

How do I register my RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) devices?

There are many benefits to registering your purchased RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) devices. There are multiple ways to register these RX devices to your NComputing Management Portal account: 

  1. PMC device management (most recommended) 

when you purchase RX-RDP, RX-RDP+, RX420(RDP), it comes with perpetual use of NComputing PMC device management software to remotely manage your devices. PMC device management software will automatically register the connected RX devices to your NComputing Management Portal account.  Follow this KB article to download PMC device management software. 

  1. SuperRDP Server Pack (optional premium software) 

SuperRDP Server Pack is an optional software add-on to your Windows host machine to boost the RDP protocol , powered by NComputing vCAST Streaming technology.  If you use SuperRDP Server Pack, then all connected devices will be automatically registered with your NComputing Management Portal account.  

If you do not use PMC and SuperRDP in your deployment, you can manually register your thin client devices with NComputing Management Portal: 

  1. NComputing mobile apps  

Once the mobile app is downloaded, login using your NComputing Management Portal credential. 

Simply use the built-in QR code scanner in the mobile app to scan the QR Code label located at the bottom of your RX devices. 

  1. Manually upload the Serial Number into your NComputing Management Portal account. 

Login to NComputing Management Portal account by going to 

From the portal account, navigate to ‘My vSpace Installations’ -> ‘My Registered Devices’ -> click on ‘+ Register’ icon to manually enter the serial number.