What is SuperRDP Server Pack and how can RX-RDP, RX420(RDP) and RX300 benefit from it?

What is SuperRDP Server Pack and how can RX-RDP, RX420(RDP) and RX300 benefit from it?

SuperRDP Server Pack is an optional software add-on to your Windows host machine to boost the RDP protocol, powered by NComputing vCAST Streaming technology.

vCAST Streaming, supported by RX420(RDP), RX-RDP and RX300 thin clients, reduces the overall server-side CPU usage for web videos like YouTube, Vimeo and local media content without the need for expensive GPUs.

By conserving server-side hardware resources and bandwidth, SuperRDP enables more concurrent user sessions to be run at the same time while ensuring the same high level of HD video streaming experience.

• Delivering HD quality videos to users and improving the user experience without the necessity to invest in expensive GPUs on the server side
• Increasing the server user density by offloading the multimedia decoding and rendering work to RX300, RX-RDP and RX420(RDP) thin clients
• The above benefits are achieved thanks to two technologies contained in the SuperRDP Server Pack software:
o vCAST Web Streaming (for YouTube and Vimeo websites in Google Chrome browser)
o vCAST Media Streaming (for VLC player reproducing H.264 contents)
• Enabling printing on printers redirected to RDP sessions with the Generic USB Redirection mechanism

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