Hot Seating Images

Hot Seating Images

Product Line:  VERDE

Hot-Seating is a specialize method of bringing up images ahead of the users' logging in.  It's designed to prevent boot storming.  The typical use would be to put the HotSeating line command in a cron job and have it run in the early morning hours before users begin to arrive at work/office.  When the cron job runs, the user and their image is started in "Disconnected" status.

At this writing, usage is limited to the following preconditions:

  • The login user must have logged into your VERDE system at least once before.  This is because of the first login creates the user's directory system (/home/vb-verde/verde-orgs/org-#/users/<userid>).  If they haven't you'll see "Error Code 85".  This isn't an error, it's merely telling you the users has never signed in before.  Once the user signs in, the "Error Code 85" stops.
  • Currently, this is limited to the RDP protocol
  • The hot-seated image will use the Gold Images settings (not the Desktop Policies/Session Settings)
  • Though the hot-seating image uses the Gold Images settings, it still requires a Desktop Policy setting for the user to be able to access the image via VERDE-Client/UC5/

The hot-seat pl code is located at:  /usr/lib/verde/bin/

Per the code, you need to create a file entitled /var/lib/verde/hotseat.conf .  The configuration file must contain a list of usernames and the image to start.
       Each line contains two columns, seperated by whitespace.
       First column specifies the username.  This must be in the format of user\@upnsuffix , e.g.
       Optionally, you can append the organization suffix by appending "#org-X" where X is
       the organization sequence. For instance: "a.einstein\"
       Second column specifies the gold image title

The line command options are:

Utility to bulk-start disconnected sessions in the background

       -h          Displays this usage information
       -s          Optional sleep time between sessions launches in milliseconds,
                   default is no sleep
       -w          Optional switch to wait for each session to start before moving on
                   to the next session
       -P         Currently required switch to set the protocol to use when starting the session
                   is 1 (RDP) 

Here are examples:
My hotseat.conf file contains the following:

robinpurv          Win732
robinnow           Win732

My line command is submitted as following:

./ -P 1 -w

For AD/LDAP users, the hotseat.conf file should look similar to the following:

robin\@verde   Win732
jasmine\@verde   Win732