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            Windows Tuning Guide for vSpace 6

            This document contains a variety of tweaks and advanced configurations to streamline your host Server and operating system for the best possible application performance and compatibility.  Apply these suggestions to help you get the most from your NComputing deployment.   Remember these are specifically related to vSpace 6 Server and software and may not apply to later vSpace versions.

            Included in this document:

            Windows Tuning

                        • Windows User Profiles
                        • Remote User Configuration
                        • Data Execution Prevention
                        • Enable Windows 7 Themes
                        • Remove IE Enhanced Security Module
                        • Disable CD-ROM Auto play (At the Administrator’s discretion)
                        • Disable UAC (User Account Controls)
                        • Disable “First Run” Page in Internet Explorer
                        • Windows Performance Options
                        • OS Power Settings
                        • Disable Excess Processes
                        • Force Off-Screen Compositing (IE 8 Only)
                        • Enable Software Rendering in Internet Explorer
                        • SMB and Explorer Traffic Optimization
                        • Scheduled Host Reboot
                  NComputing Tweaks
                        • vSpace Installation
                        • vSpace Registration
                        • L-Series Firmware Updates
                        • L300 Firmware Password
                        • Remove Remote Session Control Notification
                        • Server Roll-over Configuration
                        • Limit vSpace Sessions
                        • Assorted Console Tweaks
                        • Auto Login on the Host
                        • Exclude a Program from Hardware Acceleration
                        • Video Acceleration Scroll Protection

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