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            Windows Server 2016 Adding The RDS Licensing Server

            This article is for Administrators who need to set up their Licensing Server for Microsoft RDS CALS.

            If you are seeing the above error, please follow the steps in the attached PDF to correctly configure the Microsoft RDS licensing that will allow your NComputing clients to connect to a vSpace Windows session. 

            An RDS licensing server specific to the operating system you are installing as your vSpace host is required to take the RDS role out of trial mode and meet the Microsoft licensing compliance for a remote desktop environment.

            They need to be the same Microsoft OS.

            Example: If the vSpace Server is using Server 2012 R2, then it would need the RDS CALS specific to 2012 and will NOT recognize the RDS CALS from another Operating system like Server 2008 R2 or Server 2016.

            Be sure to set your Microsoft CALS to user mode as shown below.

            A new Microsoft Update now requires that User CALS are installed for Server 2012 and Server 2016.

            Here are a couple more useful and relevant links regarding Microsoft RDS licensing.

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