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            Windows Gold Image Updates

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            How often should the Gold Images be updated?



            There is no rule about how often images should be updated.  Your environment, the number of Gold Images, resources, applications, and company policies are all factors that will determine the frequency of updates. Some customers update images weekly to push antivirus updates, for example.

            To update a Gold Image, perform the following general instructions.  For specifics, refer to the VERDE Administration Guide.

            1. Check-out and start the Gold Image(s).
            2. Enable Windows Updates (disabled per the best practices) and run the Windows update process.
            3. Enable updates in the applications or operating system.
            4. Install the updates.
            5. Disable  the automatic updates services.
            6. Shutdown and check in the Gold Image(s). 

            Users are notified that updates are available and that they need to restart their virtual desktops.

            Updated: 29 Nov 2017 05:50 AM
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