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            Windows: 2008 R2 and MPS 2011 IP Virtualization configuration

            This article is for IT Administrators looking to enable IP virtualization in their environment for 3rd party network software compatibility.

            In a Multiuser environment with NComputing, all sessions are coming for the same operating system, therefore all Windows sessions also use the same IP as the host.  This can be challenging for some remote access applications, session control software, corporate web filters or any software that is looking to manage their Windows session permissions or functions by its IP address..    

            Microsoft Introduced a feature called "IP Virtualization" as part of Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server Operating Systems.  This optional Microsoft feature provides a capability of assigning a unique IP to every session which will benefit most above mentioned cases. 

            There are helpful articles online for how to set up and configure this feature.  You are encouraged to research what fits best your needs. 

            To help jump start your search, we provide you with the following links to Microsoft's support page:  

            Server 2008 R2

            MPS 2011

            Server 2012 R2

            Other references: 

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