When installing LINUX image, you receive an error regarding libnuma.so.1

            Product Line:  VERDE


            I am testing the VERDE 8.0.1 version on a fresh installed Centos 6.8 version. 
            I have updated the Centos turning it into a 6.9 (final) and did all the comments in the readme.txt.

            The fist thing I have tested was Windows 7and 10, They are working superb. 
            Now I want to install a linux VDI, and I am getting errors at startup. 
            I have made a printscreen of the missing libnuma.so.1

            Is there something I must do to get the libnuma.so.1 (yum install libnuma ?). 


            The missing libnuma.so.1 only comes when I choose the linux operating system. If you use the linux (no QXL) this library error will not appear.  Continue to select Linux (no qxl) when selecting the Operating System during image creation.

            This is resolved with VERDE 8.1.2

            Updated: 04 Dec 2017 05:05 AM
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