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            What is the difference between vSpace Pro 10 and vSpace 8.4?

            • Easier. Better. Faster. Device setup, vSpace Pro 10 installation, and registration takes only 15 minutes.
            • New modern, clean and simple-to-use user interface with improved user experience.
            • Premium Features including vCAST, Classroom Management and Health Monitoring improve the overall
            speed, performance and quality of connected client sessions.
            • Integration with the new cloud-based NComputing Management Portal providing centralized license
            control, asset management and a foundation for many upcoming new features.
            • Enjoy latest Windows desktop experience including compatibility with Microsoft apps like Cortana and
            Windows Store
            • Users do not have to worry about viruses or individual troubleshooting due to being centrally managed
            by server PC
            • Upcoming classroom management features allows teachers to monitor and control the student’s
            activities in the classroom to ensure they are engaged in the learning process.
            Updated: 07 May 2019 07:03 AM
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