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            What are the Premium Features?

            Starting in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 release, the following premium features no longer required additional licenses and are now part of the standard vSpace feature.

            ·         vCAST Streaming

            ·         Broadcasting and Blanking

            ·         Enhanced Smart Card Reader Support


            Note: vSpace Health Monitoring still requires a valid license in vSpace Pro 11.2.0.


            For vSpace Pro versions prior to 11.2.0 release, all premium features described below still require valid licenses. Hence, we recommend our customers to migrate their vSpace to 11.2.0 version to receive the most benefit

            vCAST Streaming
            • Reduces the overall server-side CPU usage when users watch web videos like YouTube or local media content without the need for expensive GPUs. This results in higher quality media streaming using the network bandwidth without CPU bottlenecks and allows increased number of concurrent users.
            • vCAST Web Streaming: supported on RX300, vSpace Pro Client for Windows and Chrome, available on Chrome browser. Support YouTube web videos and embedded YouTube web videos.
            • vCAST Media Streaming: supported on RX300 and vSpace Pro Client for Windows. Support client-side rendering of VLC player (up to version 2.2.6) and Windows Media Player. Note: Windows Media Player client side redirection is not supported on Windows Server 2016 and Windows and server side rendering will be used.
            • vCAST MOJO Streaming: supported on L/M/MX-series thin client. The admin first needs to transcode local video content into MOJO format.
            • vCAST is standard feature starting in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 and requires no additional license.

            vSpace Health Monitoring:

            • Allows administrators to monitor server health, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, Network IO usage, and number of connected session usage. When the CPU usage exceeds a certain threshold, an alert notification is sent to the IT administrator to make real-time decisions including remotely resetting the vSpace server(s).
            • Access vSpace health Monitor dashboard in your NComputing Management Portal.
            • Receive real-time alerts on excessive usage with the NComputing Health Monitor companion mobile app (android only).
            • vSpace Health Monitoring is available with an active AMP subscription for vSpace Pro 11


            • Broadcasting provides screen sharing functionality, allowing one screen to be broadcast to others. This allows an instructor to broadcast their screen, or a students screen, to everyone else. Great for presentations, sharing local or web videos, or highlighting other content within a group.
            • Currently broadcasting is supported among the same device types (e.g. A L-series thin client can broadcast to any L-series thin client, M300 can broadcast only to M300 thin clients, MX100 can broadcast only to MX100 thin clients). We will soon add RX300 and vSpace Pro client for Windows broadcast support.
            • We recommend all access point devices to have the same display resolution if broadcasting is to be used for best compatibility.
            • Broadcasting feature can be accessed from vSpace Console. Click on Manage Servers icon  -> select your vSpace Pro 11 server -> click on 'sessions' -> click on 'multiview' at the top menu. Then select the user session you would like to broadcast from (sender), and click on 'broadcast' icon at the top menu to broadcast to the rest of the connected access devices (recipients).
            • Broadcasting is available with an active AMP subscription for vSpace Pro 11

            Enhanced Smart Card Reader Support:

            • If your organization requires smart cards for single sign-on, access control or other security-related measures, vSpace Pro 11 supports up to 10 connected CCID-compliant smart card readers per vSpace Server. AMP for vSpace Pro unlocks extended smart card support, removing the 10 reader limit. 
            • The enhanced smart card reader support is available on RX300 thin client and vSpace Pro client for Windows, with an active AMP subscription for vSpace Pro 11.
            •  Below please find the instruction for vSpace Pro Client instructions (on vSpace Console side) to setup enhanced smart card reader configuration. We can also include RX300 configuration as well (need to modify step 5 to create a custom RX300 performance profile). Also unlike vSpace Pro Client, RX300 only support CCID compliant USB smart card readers as we have embedded CCID driver in the RX300 firmware.

            ·        ·       Access to smart card feature in vSpace Pro Client:

            o   Prerequisites:

            §  You must have an active Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) for vSpace Pro 11.

            §  You must have corresponding smart card reader driver on the client computer where the vSpace Pro client is installed.

            o   Steps to enable smart card reader support:

            1.     In vSpace Console, go to “Manage Servers”,

            2.     Then select your vSpace Pro 11 server and select the “Settings’ menu,

            3.     From the “Settings” menu, click on “Performance Profiles” and select the “Manage Custom Profile” tab at the top

            4.     From this tab, click on “+” icon to add a new device Performance Profile and you will see a pop-up window,

            5.     From the pop-up window, enter the new profile name for the vSpace Pro Client (any name that makes sense to you), and in the copy from parameter, select “RX-series and Software Client on a high-speed network”. Click “ADD” to complete the process,

            6.     Then select the custom profile you just created, scroll down to “Enable Smart Cards” parameter and choose “Yes” to enable this feature. Click on “Apply” to finish the process. See screenshot below.

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