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            vSpace Pro registry backup file

            Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (version 1803)

            In the most recent Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (version 1803), if you already had vSpace Pro 11 installed, This Windows update may remove some important registry keys which will make vSpace Pro 11 unusable.

            If this is your case, follow the below procedures to restore the previous registry keys to make vSpace Pro 11 resume normal operation on the same host machine.


            1) Go to the host machine where vSpace Pro 11 was installed, navigate to the following directory:

            “C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\NComputing”

            2) Double click on the most recently saved registry key backup file in this directory. You will be prompted "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?". Select "Yes" and this will restore the previous important registry key settings. See image below for reference

            3) Reboot the host machine and your vSpace Pro 11 should be working again.

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