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            vSpace Pro 11 FAQs


            What’s new in vSpace Pro 11 ?

            vSpace Pro 11 is our latest desktop virtualization solution that is easy to setup, helps SMB and education organizations to slash their IT costs while everything is centrally managed with enhanced productivity.

            vSpace Pro 11 replaces vSpace Pro 10 with additional new innovations and features along with simplified licensing model and expanded benefits to maximize our customer values.

            Is vSpace Pro 11 free to download and use?


            What are the benefits of vSpace Pro 11 over vSpace Pro 10?

            vSpace Pro 11 comes with UXP 2.0 protocol (NComputing's communication protocol between vSpace server and access devices), which significantly reduces network traffic for all access devices by up to 43% compared to UXP 1.0 protocol.

            Multiview feature, a popular feature from vSpace 8, is brought back in vSpace Pro 11 to provide an easy-to-glance dashboard of live thumbnail of active sessions on the server to facilitate use cases in classrooms and workgroup environment. Message a user or take control of the session all from a single place.

            Dual monitor support is now native and doesn't require a separate license in vSpace Pro 11. Add our dual display adapter to the RX300 thin client or fire up a dual monitor configuration with vSpace Pro client for Windows.

            New to vSpace Pro 11 is the optional Annual Maintenance Program (AMP), packed with additional feature enhancements, complimentary licenses and live tech support to unlock tons of new benefits.

            What endpoint devices are supported in vSpace Pro 11?

            vSpace Pro 11 supports the L-series thin clients (L250, L300, L350), M-series thin client (M300), MX-series thin client (MX100), RX-series thin client (RX300), and software client including vSpace Pro client for Windows and Chromebook.

            What OS's does vSpace Pro 11 support?

            vSpace Pro 11 supports over 10 popular Windows Operating Systems, including the latest Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 to deliver a true desktop like PC experience for the end user

            Please see the OS compatibility matrix.

            Tell me more about the Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) for vSpace Pro 11 and its benefits.

            New to vSpace Pro 11 is the optional Annual Maintenance Program (AMP), packed with additional premium features, complimentary licenses and live tech support to unlock tons of new benefits.

            All include premium features include: 

            • vCAST streaming for web video and media content, Broadcasting for screen sharing and collaboration, Health Monitoring on vSpace sources and real-time alerts, and extended Smartcard reader support for single sign-on and access control.

            Complimentary licenses include:

            • Five (5) vSpace Pro Client* connection license per customer account
            • PMC device management licenses* for RX300 thin clients

            *Complimentary licenses required an active AMP subscription

            Enhanced support includes:

            • Unlimited ticketing
            • Phone support**
            • Live chat support on our website**

            **Available in North America

            To be compliant with AMP for vSpace Pro 11, you must subscribe sufficient seats for AMP with 100% device coverage (based on the number of access point devices connected to vSpace Pro 11).

            As long as you have sufficient AMP licenses then all of your connected vSpace Pro 11 Servers will automatically receive the required premium feature activations.

            Is there a free trial for AMP program for vSpace Pro 11?

            Yes – a free trial period of 30 days from the date you register your first vSpace Pro 11 vSpace Manager is automatically provided. You will automatically receive all the AMP benefits during this period, including all inclusive premium features, complimentary licenses and enhanced support.

            Can you provide more details about the premium features included in the AMP for vSpace Pro 11?

            AMP for vSpace Pro 11 unlocks the following premium features:

            • VCAST Streaming which reduces server-side CPU for web videos and local media content, enabling more concurrent users on your system.
            • Broadcasting capability that provides screen sharing functionality, allowing one screen to be broadcast to others. Great for instructor to broadcast their screen, or a student's screen, to everyone else. Great for presentations, sharing local or web videos, or highlighting other content within a group.
            • Enhanced smart card reader support for single sign-on, access control or other security-related measures. vSpace Pro 11 supports up to 10 connected CCID-compliant smart card readers per vSpace Server. AMP for vSpace Pro unlocks extended smart card support, removing the 10 reader limit.
            • Health Monitoring service that monitors your Windows and vSpace resource utilization through the cloud dashboard. It's now easy to access and see insights into key health metrics including memory usage, connected servers, CPU utilization, and active users. You can see 30 days of historical data in 24-hour, 7-day and 30-day increments. Receive real-time alerts on excessive usage with the NComputing Health Monitor companion mobile app (android only).

            What are the limitations of the free trial for AMP program for vSpace Pro 11?

            The free trial period only lasts 30 days.

            Your first vSpace Pro 11 installation will automatically receive trial licenses to unlock premium features. If you install additional vSpace Pro 11 servers, you will not receive additional trial licenses for these additional vSpace Pro 11 servers.

            What happens after the free trial of AMP program for vSpace Pro 11?

            If you do not purchase the required quantity of AMP units then after the 30 days trial has elapsed all premium feature functionality will be automatically disabled.

            However, you may continue to use the freemium vSpace Server functionality such as session connection and vSpace Console even after the 30-day trial period has expired. 

            Is vSpace Pro 11 still operational even if I decide not to subscribe to AMP?

            Yes, except all AMP benefits will be disabled by default. In this case, vSpace Pro 11 still offers equal or better functionality compared to vSpace Pro 10.

            How to determine how many AMP seats if I decide to subscribe to AMP after the free trial? 

            The number of AMP seats to purchase is based on the number of access point devices connected to vSpace Pro 11 in your registered account. 

            Simply log in to your Management Portal account, click on My vSpace Installations and then 'vSpace Pro Compliance'. This provides you with all the information you will need to determine the quantity of AMP seats you will need to purchase.

            Is there a minimum number of AMP seats for vSpace Pro 11 required for my organization to subscribe to if I wish to enjoy all the AMP benefits?

            Yes, there is a minimum of 10 seats required to subscribe to AMP for vSpace Pro 11. For example, if you only have 8 devices deployed in vSpace Pro 11 and wish to obtain the AMP's benefits, you must subscribe to 10 seats of AMP.

            If I connect more than one vSpace Pro 11 vSpace Server to a single vSpace Pro 11 vSpace Manager will I receive premium features for all servers?

            As long as you have sufficient AMP licenses then all of your connected vSpace Servers will automatically receive the required premium feature activations.

            How much does AMP cost and where can I buy AMP for vSpace Pro 11?

            AMP per seat per year is $12 USD (MSRP). Pricing may differ by country. Customers can elect to purchase from NComputing regional partners or NComputing directly.

            Can I purchase vSpace Pro 11 premium features ala-carte without AMP?

            No. You can only purchase premium features ala-carte in vSpace Pro 10. 

            Ala-carte licensing for broadcasting, enhanced smart card support, UXP 2.0, vCAST (WMP redirection) is not available in vSpace Pro 10.

            I am using vSpace Pro 10 now, should I move to vSpace Pro 11?

            Yes. vSpace Pro 11 comes with many new enhancements that are beneficial to customers even if they don't plan to subscribe to AMP for vSpace Pro 11. These new enhancements include UXP 2.0, Multiview feature and native dual display support, and on-going bug fixes and enhancements to vSpace Pro 11 to bring the best possible experience to our customers.

            Can I do an update to my vSpace Pro 10 to upgrade to vSpace Pro 11?

            No. Since vSpace Pro 11 comes with different licensing mechanism, you will need to perform a new installation of vSpace Pro 11.

            How do I remove vSpace Pro 11 registered devices (e.g. some devices are broken)?

            Contact support to remove certain devices from vSpace Pro 11.

            What about NComputing’s support on older vSpace server versions?

            In an effort to continue to innovate and bring out the best possible features and experience to our customers, we have announced EOL on older vSpace server versions. Please check out our product lifecycle page for additional information:


            If I don’t have AMP for vSpace Pro 11, what is my support option?

            You still have full access to the product documentation and help center to access a variety of knowledge base information, and file tech support ticket up to 3 occurrences per year.

            However, there will be no enhanced support which includes live chat and phone call support.

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