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            vSpace Pro 10 version 10.5.0 - For Windows Server 2016 - Windows 10 Creators Update Build 1709

            About this release:

            Complete PDF version of this can be found here

            vSpace Pro 10, version 10.5.0, is a maintenance release which replaces the 10.3.7 version. It contains fixes for bugs discovered in software quality assurance process and/or reported by NComputing customers as well as product improvements.

            General Installation Instructions:

            New vSpace Pro 10 installations should be performed on computers with fresh installs of supported Windows OS versions. vSpace Pro 10 relies on Remote Desktop Services thus the Remote Desktop Services must remain enabled after vSpace Server installation to ensure correct system operation. When installing vSpace Pro 10 on a standalone Windows Server (not belonging to Active Directory domain) the Remote Desktop Services will be automatically enabled during vSpace Server installation. When installing vSpace Pro 10 on a Windows Server joined to an Active Directory domain the Remote Desktop Services must be enabled prior to vSpace Pro 10 installation.

            Any application software should be installed after completing vSpace Pro 10 installation and rebooting the system.

            Refer to ‘vSpace Pro 10 Quick Installation Guide’ for more detailed installation instructions.

            Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) specific Installation Instructions:

            vSpace Pro 10.5.0 now supports Windows 10 Fall Creator update (version 1709). Previous vSpace releases (10.3.7 or earlier) will cause blue screen with this major Windows OS update and the system will become unusable.

            There are two methods to apply the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (version 1709) while stay compatible with vSpace Pro 10.5.0:

            1) Uninstall vSpace Pro 10 (any version) prior to the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (version 1709). After this major OS update has been applied, re-install vSpace Pro 10.5.0

            2) Alternatively, upgrade vSpace Pro server to vSpace Pro 10.5.0 prior to the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (version 1709). This major OS update will remove important vSpace Server registry keys and make vSpace unusable. To fix this problem, after the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update has been applied, use the Control Panel > Programs and Features > NComputing vSpace Pro > Repair option to recover vSpace Pro 10.5.0.

            vSpace UPGRADE Instructions:

            If your host machine already has vSpace Pro 10.2 or 10.3 version installed, you can directly install vSpace Pro 10.5.0 on the same host machine to perform a software upgrade. However, if you have vSpace Pro 10.1 or an earlier version of vSpace Server installed on the host machine, you must first uninstall the previous version and reboot before you can install this vSpace Pro 10.5.0 version.

            In environments consisting of multiple vSpace Pro 10 servers connected to single vSpace Manager, the vSpace Pro 10 host machine running the vSpace Manager should be upgraded first. After upgrading the vSpace Manager machine all remaining vSpace Pro 10 servers can be upgraded to this version.

            Note: The registration of vSpace Pro 10 vSpace Manager will be retained through the uninstall/new install process. To preserve previous vSpace Manager registration the Manager should not be unregistered before uninstalling the previous version.

            Note: After finishing the installation of this version the vSpace Console will have to be connected to the upgraded vSpace Manager again.

            Note: Please refer to the 'RX300 firmware' section below for an important note regarding the RX300 firmware update.

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