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            vSpace: Incorrect Information Displayed at "Devices" Section of the vSpace Console


            When invoking the vSpace Console, and examining the "Devices" table of devices, incorrect information may be displayed.  An example can be: a unit showing "Not Registered" even after it has been registered.  Another example: the panel shows and recalls units that are no longer in existence.

            This issue is a simple status update error within vSpace Server and generally does not affect the functionality of the server or the device in any way. 
            Our recommendation is to make sure that your network, security, and antivirus have ports and executables allowed.  
            You can find more information about this configuration in our Article #63, named "Configuring Firewall and Antivirus for NComputing Products".


            Open the vSpace Server console.
            From the Devices -> Choose L-series or M-series, click the Search Settings button at the top right of the vSpace Console. 
            Change the search type from Broadcast Search to Search by Ranges of IP Addresses, using a range of IP addresses that include the device(s) in question. 
            Click OK to return to the device menu. The Activation State field for the affected device(s) should now update and show their correct status. 
            You can now change the search type back to Broadcast Search if desired.

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