vSpace Console Crashing when launched or scanning devices in the network.

            We are monitoring rare occurrences in which the vSpace Console crashes.  When launched or when scanning devices. 

            One particular issue related to the firmware of the present devices is what is addressed in this article.  The issue has been seen in vSpace 11.2 as of the writing of this document.

            The culprit seems to be related to the firmware update of the devices connecting to the vSpace Console.  It is probable that in the last update, the terminals did not fully update the way they should.  Also, the issue may be found, to in all terminals, but one or a just a few out of the whole conglomerate.  

            Here are the recommendations in order to attempt to solve the issue:

            1. Configure the console to do a selective scan \ discover of the devices instead of leaving it to do a LAN wide scan.

            As an example: using the vSpace console, instead of scanning an entire subnet, scan blocks of devices, lets say: to  This will scan for, potentially, about 10 devices in the local LAN.  

            Do this multiple times until you are able to find the specific device or devices that are causing the vSpace console to crash. 

            If the console crashes upon launch, detach the network cable form the server, so the console can remain open and make configurations.  

            2. Once you have single out the problem devices, you will need to perform two firmware migrations: 

            3. To a previous version.  Let's say that the devices are in firmware 1.15 (available in vSpace Pro 11) If so, then, take them back to firmware 1.13 (available in vSpace Pro 10).  You can download any of these versions from our website and yo do not need to install vSpace Pro 10, as the firmware files come available and visible in the download package of the software.
            In order to migrate Firmware to a previous version, please use FTP.  This article will guide you: 

            4. Once the devices have the old firmware installed, then, update those devices to the latest 1.15 (vSpace Pro 11.2) again and as the firmware gets written again, this will likely solve the issue.

            If the version of firmware you found in the problem devices is 1.13, you may update them to 1.15 and the issue should be solved. 
            If you have any questions, please enter a ticket with our Tech Support. 

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