vSpace 11 Pro - Start Menu Power options disappear in Windows 10

            Installing vSpace 11 Pro on a Windows 10 machine can cause the Start Menu Power options to disappear. 

            Users are removed from the local security policy, preventing device users from being able to turn off the server they're connecting to.

            If necessary, this can be changed by following these steps:

            1. Press Windows + R keys & type: secpol.msc
            2. The Local Security Policy window opens
            3. Click: Security Settings – Local Policies – User Rights Assignment, make sure you get to Policy: Shut down the system
               a. Use Properties to open a little window which allows you to add your user id or group
               b. Once your user or group has been added, click OK
            4. Sign out, Restart.
            5. Sign in again and the Restart & Shutdown options are available.
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