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            VERDEOS NAS Mount Instructions:

            Product Line: VERDE

            It is recommended that you set up your shared storage mount before installing and using VERDEOS.  But, it is possible to add the storage device post usage.  You'll need to backup all the data located in /home/.  /HOME/vb-verde is the mount point for VERDE..  Once mount is successful, move all your data back to /home/vb-verde on the storage device.

            First and foremost, have your storage device formatted and named.  Mine is: "/vol/vol0/data/support/cluster/122"

            If this is a new install and VERDEOS has been used:

            • Access the verde-menu (/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-menu)
            • Select option 2 (Server Configuration)
            • Select option 3 (Configure External Storage)
            • Select the appropriate storage type (1 CIFS, 2 NFS)
            • You need to provide the storage server's IP
            • The storage type (NFS3, NFS4)
            • The mount point (/vol/vol0/data/support/cluster/122)
            When displayed, it should resemble the following:

            Restart your server and check your storage (df -h)

            Updated: 05 Mar 2018 05:16 AM
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