VERDE/VERDEOS Video Playback

            Product Line:  VERDE

            Video Playback:


            With VERDE Server 8.2.2 and higher, VERDE session (with RDP connection) should support vCAST web streaming from Youtube on RX300. This feature is supported only on Google Chrome browser.

            After installing Google Chrome, vCast extension should be present in the Settings – Extensions by default. Enable the extension.


            Launching Google Chrome should show vCast extension icon in browser toolbar. Hovering mouse over the icon would display its status. (See below screenshot).

            While playing video, its status should change as below:

            If for some reason, vCAST Chrome extension is not available in the Chrome Browser in the VERDE session, you might need to install it manually and enable it in the guest OS.


            Latest vCAST extension can be downloaded from the following URL:


            To allow better video streaming in general (from non-Youtube website) that are not vCAST-able, enable 'RemoteFX' option from RX300 setup menu. This will provide better video streaming at the expense of server side rendering (higher CPU utilization).

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