3 VERDE/VERDEOS 8.2.x Android Hand Held Device Client Options

            Product Line:  VERDE

            With the VERDE/VERDEOS 8.2 release, there are new Android clients for hand held devices. 

            The first 2 options, involve the Google Play Store.  But, these you must access via your Android device.

            If you go to the Google Play Store and do a search on ‘Verde VDI’ you should see both installs. (see icons below).

            The first one is the VDI Launcher for Microsoft RD client.

            This one is called the ‘Launcher for Microsoft RD Client’ and requires the Microsoft RD Client app to also be installed.  This is for Customers that require the Microsoft RD client interface. 

            This version does not support Organizaitons nor Single Sign-on.  This Launcher version for RD Client caused Windows to display a secondary Windows Login screen that takes a little manipulating, since you have to re-enter the Username data from the format:   jborsini@verde      to ==>    verde\jborsini     Then you can enter your Password.

            The Username ‘jborsini@verde’ is not recognized and you have to re-type it in the format:   domain\username

            The second version, again must be accessed via your Android device using the Google Play Store.The second app is the full Verde VDI client app.  

            With the full Verde app, you just enter your Credentials at the Connection screen and click ‘Connect to Desktop’ and it take you right to the Windows 10 Desktop (single sign-on).  The full version does not have a Mouse pointer. The Launcher version does present the Mouse pointer. Apparently you use your finger to double-click Icons to launch desktop applications.  There is a button at the top-center that you can click to list ‘[Keyboard]  [Function Keys] and [Disconnect]’.  It does allow you to zoom the Windows screen using your thumb and index finger, but the default is to auto-size the screen to present the full Windows desktop.


            Here's the third option.  You can download from the application from the store (you don't need to do this via the Android device):

            Updated: 09 Jul 2019 05:12 AM
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