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            VERDE 8.2.x Offline Licensing/Registration

            Product Line:  VERDE

            The offline registration sequence is as follows (see screenshots included below for reference):

            Note: Redeeming the VERDE license keys in the Management Portal can occur at any time. However, it is necessary to have the licenses redeemed prior to step #7 below

            1) Install VERDE

            2) Download the offline registration file (note: depending on your browser type, you may need to respond to a certificate warning to enable download of the registration file - see below)

            3) Log in to the NComputing Management Portal

            4) Click on My VERDE Installations, then Offline Licensing

            5) Upload the offline registration file to the Management Portal

            6) At this point, the customer must redeem the VERDE license keys. 

            7) In the My VERDE Installations -> My Licenses - click on the ALLOCATE button to display the VERDE servers (including offline server)

            8) Select the number of licenses to apply

            9) Back to My VERDE Installations -> Offline Licensing

            10) Click on the Download Licensing Details link next to the desired VERDE server

            11) Upload the licensing file to the VERDE Management Console to complete the registration and licensing assignments

            Downloading registration file.
            Management Portal - Offline Licensing:

            Allocating VERDE licenses:

            Downloading license file:

            Final step - upload license file to VERDE Management Console:

            Registration and licensing complete:

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